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joss | hero of canton
telltale wrote in 2009_scrapbook
Want to check out other scrapbooks? Listed below are scrapbooks belonging to members of the community. Feel free to browse, get ideas, see what people have done, etc..

Note: I get busy during the week - so if I don't add yours right away, It will be up by the weekend. :)

2009 Scrapbook : Master list

_cereza: Here
_juliettinha_: Here
_lovelygirl: Here
_stolendreams_: Here
a_liin: Here
above_blues: Here
absofruitly: Here
acciobatman: Here
adancehalldrug: Here
aemenangel: Here
afrocurl: Here
alisea_dream: Here
astudyinpanic: Here
angst_driven: Here
anno_superstar: Here
donowitz: Here
arie_turner: Here
artofcruelty: Here
aya_adri: Here
baggins0716: Here
beautiskyhigh: Here
berrymcgregor: Here
biscottimoments: Here
bl1tzkrieg: Here
bloodyapplepi: Here
humble: Here
agt_bush: Here
bokayjunkie: Her
bombsawaaaay: Here
bubl: Here
carmz_supremacy: Here
castiels: Here
cattys: Here
changetje: Here
chemicalbullet: Here
christinchen: Here
colls: Here
cologne_chick: Here
corpseinthisbed: Here
country_bee: Here
brittania: Here
cruzh: Here
curtain: Here
dancy_dreamer: Here
darciana: Here
heartofdance: Here
deadwillwalk: Here
deepwonderment: Here
doblez: Here
dongbang_iyagi: Here
dotgasmic: Here
dreamon_dreamer: Here
dressedd: Here
eatwe: Here
edah: Here
eleblack: Here
elenuxii: Here
emgrace4: Here
ephee: Here
fadedpresence: Here
famouslyso: Here
fan_cifully: Here
fantasma_arto: Here
furutsu: Here
glasstea: Here
harvardbarbie: Here
hxcfairy: Here
iamwhitelady: Here
icrush: Here
icycolour: Here
indyangel: Here
ingalunda: Here
intodelirium: Here
jacyevans: Here
janemauz: Here
jenniferjensen: Here
jude_judith82: Here
jude108: Here
jussy_baby: Here
katayla: Here
kitel78: Here
flippant: Here
lenyia: Here
artinrevolution: Here
lonelyfajita: Here
lostacanthus: Here
lostandalone22: Here
lucky_cloudy: Here
lovestories: Here
maerhys: Here
magick_mel: Here
in_the_end: Here
manoukje: Here
marcasite: Here
marenzi: Here
maria91bl: Here
measureofsolace: Here
melizabeth032: Here
meri_jalwa: Here
messdestruction: Here
metalnurse: Here
mightypretty: Here
miiina_icons: Here
milerna: Here
missraspeberry: Here
miximel: Here
moi_toujours: Here
monkeyluver9: Here
pyroclastic: Here
easilyunwind: Here
mystic_reader: Here
nascita: Here
epona: Here
yume_odori: Here
nokitas: Here
obscurefruit: Here
odette_river: Here
omgzitsbatmanda: Here
orangerful: Here
orelhinhas: Here
organicserena: Here
orpheous87: Here
peaches: Here
placeinurheart: Here
place_to_hide: Here
poker_boy: Here
powerof3: Here
growling: Here
pwnquin: Here
queenofbabble: Here
realdetective: Here
reibusakasu: Here
rescuedsoul: Here
dominoe: Here
sanzina89: Here
sarahsaloser: Here
seablues: Here
shadesofsienna: Here
sheckler: Here
shellabelle81: Here
sicodelique: Here
simply_strange: Here
doctorfumbles: Here
sixpoint: Here
slartibartfast: Here
swooned: Here
slowbeats: Here
noted: Here
sophieisgod: Here
sourish: Here
spattergroit: Here
midnightflower: Here
splinda: Here
stormiesthaze: Here
street_symphony: Here
mimes: Here
tearstreaked: Here
telltale: Here
thedreamygirl: Here
timeheals: Here
treasuring: Here
vanee: Here
waddi_wassi: Here
waitings: Here
waterhart: Here
weasley_hobbit: Here
whowants_candy: Here
woodycakes: Here
wreckedd: Here
xdunadanx: Here
just_chiara: Here
xlouder_now: Here
ofraindrops: Here
yenetai: Here
yled: Here
yourmanuscript: Here

woo! First one! It's been added, thanks! :D

Mine is here. Still the same boring concept, but it worked nicely for me.

I love the way you have yours laid out! It's simple, neat and beautiful!
*added* :)

here is mine. first year participating :D

Oh goodie! :D
I've added yours to the list, thanks!

here we go!

It would be helpful if one of the other co-mods put in her's right?

Haha! Well yours has more than mine does, lol!
It's been added~ :)

wooo!! Double yay for the lazy~
*adds to list*

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

Mine will be here:

It's my first time participating, and hopefully I have the will-power to update periodically. XP

:D Awesome - I've added it to the list~ thanks!

Here is my scrapbook of 2009.

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

Mine is here. It's still locked, though.

Edited at 2008-12-31 05:18 pm (UTC)

Yay!! :D Added it to the list~

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

Edited at 2008-12-31 11:43 pm (UTC)

Here's mine. This looks like such a good idea.

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

Here we go.
2nd year of doing this.

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

(Deleted comment)
Awesome! I've added you to the list!

lol I messed up the link xD

This is mine !!!

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

Just finally got mine finally uploaded. =) Well kinda at least. *lol*

Was waaay too late to participate last year, so I thought I'd give it a try this time. *g*

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

Well I'm glad you are able to do it this year! :D

Awesome! I've added you to the list!

mine is here :)

god, I'm too sick to work with even the simplest codes today, sorry :S

Edited at 2009-01-01 12:35 am (UTC)

aww I hope you feel better~
Thanks! I've added you to the list~

awesome! I've added you~

Thanks! I've added you to the list~

(Deleted comment)
THank you! I've added you to the list~ :D

(ps -Love your icon! :D )

Thanks! I've added you to the list~ :D

Scrapbook is me. In the process of organizing. :D

Awesome! Thanks I've added you to the list~


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