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dreamon_dreamer wrote in 2009_scrapbook
i was just updating mine today, and was wondering how many others have kept up with theirs? this comm seems to have lost its mojo.
reply if you have, would love to visit (the master list is daunting). mine is here. kudos in advance to those who have!

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I just started mine last week and I update it pretty regularly. it's daunting going back in months trying to remember stuff from months ago.

in any case, mine is here

yeaaah, I keep tagging stuff to remind myself to add it to my page, but i haven't added anything in ages. Maybe this will inspire me! Or not...

DO IT! A teammate compels you!

I haven't updated everything in mine recently, but it's on it's way.

As a maintainer--I think we just sort of let everyone do their thing and not harass to update and the like.

I have. Though I still think I'm forgetting a movie I've seen.

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Me too. I love your layout BTW. :)

I keep up with mine regularly. I started a routine that every time I change my desktop/layout/default, I immediately screenshot it and change my scrapbook.

I update mine near the beginning of every month pretty faithfully. Keeping up to date with memories helps out a lot.

I keep mine fairly updated, but I don't change things very often.

i have

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I've kept mine updated, but when I started mine, I made it without the things I would forget/not update with the year before. I'd always forget to screencap my layouts and that!

Mine is updating nearly every week since the beginning in the end of january. it's here

I've kept up with mine, except for a couple of categories that I need to some point.

Mine has been up since January 2, here.It's like my little baby,i update everytime something new happens.
I can't wait to for 2010 so i can start a new one.^^

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