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telltale wrote in 2009_scrapbook
\o/ YAY! the list is finally updated! Please check to make sure I have yours and it is correct. We have a little more than 150 listed :O - I figure I had to make a mistake somewhere.

Anyone have any questions, comments or requests? I had someone ask me to share my table code for my layout - and I'll be posting it here in a bit (I need to tweek it a bit) - if anyone else has table codes/graphics/ideas they want to share, feel free to post them to the community! :D

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Awww i'm new in this comm *___* and only today i made my personal 2009 scrapbook!

It is here

Can i added to the master list? I linked back the comm <3
TY :)

Hey, I am new here too and made my scrapbook today - but I am still working on it :)

There we go:

Thanks :)

Is it too late to join the fun?

my scrapbook

Edited at 2009-03-19 03:38 pm (UTC)

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